The project with a total area of 115m² is located in the Sobytie residential complex in Moscow on the 10th floor.

The functional content of the apartment consists of blocks which are divided into zones - public and private.
Public zone includes kitchen with a combined living room, a hallway, a wardrobe. The kitchen has a secret entrance to the pantry. The entrance is behind one of the facades of kitchen furniture. There is a place to store kitchen appliances.
The entrance to the wardrobe is hidden in the same way.
The kitchen is divided into two parts - cooking area and dining area. The kitchen island is made of large-format porcelain stoneware, which is repeated throughout the apartment.
In contrast with the new clean forms of the interior, there is a vintage sideboard in the dining room. In addition, there are two vintage armchairs in the living room. TV zone is transformable. Facades hide the TV and open the shelves.
Private zone includes master bedroom, kids room, bathroom and laundry. These rooms are located on the left side of the apartment.
Kids room is designed for two children. There is a small play area, a place to study and sleep. The color of the walls and furniture have similar shades as in the whole apartment. Furniture details have simple geometric shapes, for example, the bed.
Master bedroom consists of a bathroom and a wardrobe and a bedroom zone. There is a desk, a bedspread chest, a large bed with wooden headboard special designed for the bedroom.
Bathroom includes a bath and a shower. The vanity cabinet has the same design as the headboard.
The lighting for this project was chosen very carefully. The lamps accent the design. Round shapes are important details for these rooms. They give the interior softness and comfort.
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